Coming Out to Colleagues

Subject: An important bit of news to share with you please…

Hello Everyone,

You are all special to me as my “work family” and I would like to share some important news about myself that may come as a surprise to most of you:

Recently I changed my legal name from Brett Lance Blatchley to Brettany Renée Blatchley in order to better affirm my (now legal) female gender. Yes, I am a transsexual woman, having made a gradual transition over the last five years from living as a special sort of man to now living, by God’s grace, as a special sort of woman…

For over a year now, female pronouns have been increasingly appropriate in reference to me, as I have gently blended-in with other women my age. I have found it surprising and deeply gratifying to experience how easily people have come to regard me as a woman, when really, I was only trying to live more authentically.

…While my body, appearance and self-expression have all changed over this period, you will find that I am the same person you have come to know through the years, and those parts of me that transcend gender are still a part of me: truly Brett is Brette is Brettany.

Meanwhile, Renée (“reborn”) is the name I have come to favor most. But, of course, I like Brettany quite a lot also, and chose it partly because this name can be shortened to Brette (spoken as Brett) to help ease any potential “bumps” or embarrassment anyone might experience.

As you can imagine, this is a very big life-change, and my sharing this with you all is another milestone in a journey that began when I was a small child. And now…now, I can say with great joy that I am a “working woman!!”

Questions or concerns? Please do not hesitate to come to me with these: I am very open and approachable about this. Please do not feel as though you must walk on “eggshells” around me either!

I think you may find many of your questions answered in this cogent and most authoritative online pamphlet from the American Psychological Association. For those of you who have worked with me closely, reading this overview would especially bless me:

Also, I know all this will require some mental “gymnastics” and practice where my new pronouns and name are concerned; you may even need to fit me into a new “box” in your minds. I realize this is tricky and I truly appreciate your effort here! AND I think that good-natured humor can be a part of making this smoother for all of us!

Finally, if any of you feel loss over Brett, please know that I honor my past as a man as much as I do my present and future as a woman: Brett is not dead and gone, but has grown and blossomed into Brettany.

Blessings & Joy!!!


PS) My new email address is: , and like Brett, the old address is fading into memory.

PPS) Please, feel free to forward this email to anyone who would benefit from my re-introduction.

Brettany Renee Blatchley (to Colleagues)

At In-laws, March 2013, Aiken SC
We must be willing to let go of
The life we have planned
So as to have the life
That is waiting for us.

Brettany Renée Blatchley
Software Engineering – Internal Tools



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