Bretta is short for Brettany!

Bretta is short for Brettany!

Hello, I’m Renée (Brettany Renée Blatchley), a fifty-six year old, married transgender woman of faith.

I’ve had to think about gender a lot as I’ve been gradually transitioning over the last decade. Join me if you like, as I process some of these things in writing, sharing my thoughts, experiences and observations: gender transition is amazing, joyful, freeing, heart-rending, intense and painful at times.

What is a transgender woman? Well, for me, parts of my body are male, parts are female, and the rest of my body is in the overlap between the sexes. My gender identity, who I am as a person, is as it has always been: essentially female. Clinically, I occupy the blurry space between transsexual and intersex. Once I lived as a special sort of man, and now by God’s grace I live as a special sort of woman.

By special sort of man, I mean that as a female person, I have had to drive my (seemingly) male body in (seemingly) masculine ways to survive as a child and “get along” as an adult. I am still a female person, but now I drive my body in (and into) ways that are typical of other women. Because of my makeup and history, I say that I am a special sort of woman, as I am becoming along a different path than my natal sisters.

Always a female person, I am now socially, legally, hormonally and surgically affirmed as a woman.

Thank You Judi for being my strong, loving and patient spouse of twenty-six years; Janet for being my Dearest Big (conjoined) Twin Sister, helping God help me through transition; special people in the medical and helping communities; my fellow trans folk in person and on the Internet who have helped me immeasurably; and Jesus, my Love and Lover whose grace makes all possible.

I based my nameplate design on this freely available graphic.

Gracefully Trans is intended to be a positive, uplifting and safe place: readers thoughts that contribute to this are welcomed (and moderated).

I can be emailed at gmail: bretta.blatchley